Nothing More @ The Fillmore, Charlotte, NC 9-25-23

Nothing More @ The Fillmore, Charlotte, NC 9-25-23

Rockers Nothing More first made their mark on the rock and roll world with their 2014 self-titled album. This album pushed them to the forefront of the new rock scene and spawned hit singles “Jenny” and “Here’s to the Heartache.” Since then, the band has become known not only for their music, but also for their absolutely amazing live shows. With the release of the ‘Spirits’ album last year, Nothing More has been on the road and made their final stop of this leg of the SPIRITS tour in Charlotte Monday evening.

In true Nothing More fashion, the band took the stage at The Fillmore in front of a raucous group of fans ready to see the show. The mood was electric as if a random spark would quickly fire up a huge conflagration of sorts as the crowd roared in appreciation of each band member as they made their way onto the stage.  Leading off with the title track from the newest record, “SPIRITS,” Nothing More quickly took control of The Fillmore and everyone inside of it. There’s something unique and special about frontman Jonny Hawkins and how he connects with the audience. Whether you are upfront at the barricade or way in the back by the merch tables, you can feel his emotions flow over you. He really is that dynamic of a performer that just holds your attention and keeps you in the moment.

Guitarist Mark Vollelunga was on fire, letting his fingers do the talking all night long while bassist Daniel Oliver and drummer Ben Anderson kept the rhythm section tight and humming. Musically, Nothing More sounded phenomenal. There really was no bad place in the venue to experience the show. The fans were involved early on, crowd surfing in droves and pumping their fists in the air. It really was a show that pulled on all your emotions. It’s no secret that Nothing More writes about real-life experiences that are often deep and troubling from talking about mental health to the loss of a loved one. Hawkins has the innate ability to just breathe life into the songs with his vocals, sharing his emotions and experiences with the crowd as if we were all one entity. From the all-out rockers like “Go To War” to the poignant “Fade In/Fade Out” that had many, many in tears, myself included. Nothing More not only makes you  hear the music but feel the music.   That is what really sets them apart from the rest of the crowd.

Hawkins was at the edge of the stage, arms outstretched, and reminded me of a cross between Jim Morrison and Jesus. He is a true rock god for the ages. What a show! Don’t miss your chance to connect with Hawkins and Nothing More when they make a stop in your town.

Set List:



Do You Really Want It?

Tired of Winning


If It Doesn’t Hurt

Don’t Stop


VALHALLA (Too Young to See)

Let ’em Burn

Go to War


I’ll Be OK


Ocean Floor

This Is the Time (Ballast)


We would like to thank Kelly Walsh from MSO PR for the credentials to review the show.