Simon Townshend ‘Looking Out Looking In’

  Eagle Rock Entertainment has recently released the seventh studio album from singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist Simon Townshend, “Looking Out Looking In.” Simon grew up in music with his father a big band jazz man and his older brother, Pete, being the guitarist in the iconic rock group The Who. Townshend got his career started early, at the age of nine, with an appearance as a background vocalist on The Who’s “Tommy” album and he hasn’t looked back since.

  “Looking Out Looking In” is a refined pop rock album featuring rich, warm vocals and outstanding melodies. Joining Simon for this new album are his son, drummer Ben Townshend and Tony Lowe on lead guitar, bass, and piano. There are a few hints of The Who’s influence on the record; after all, Simon has been touring with the band for over a decade now, but the record is all Simon. Both the title track and “Forever and A Day” are brilliant pop jaunts and “Making Waves” is a terrific pop rock anthem. The beautiful ballad “Still Love” has wonderful, lush strings and “Bed of Roses” has a jazzy groove with Simon on the mandolin and is the highlight of the album.

  Not only is Townshend a gifted songwriter but his vocal stylings really pull it all together and create a record with a sense of ease and wonderful flow. “Looking Out Looking In” is pop music at its best.