Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith) Interview

  How many of you remember your first denim jacket? It was considered a rite of passage as a pre-teen back in the day and one thing we all did was decorate them with the names of our favorite bands and musicians. Much to the dismay of my mother, I can still remember picking up a black Sharpie and writing the first name right across the back of mine. Earning that place of honor was none other than Aerosmith. For me, Aerosmith was and still is the embodiment of American rock and roll. I recently had the rare opportunity to chat with one of the members of this iconic band. Tom Hamilton was kind enough to call us between tour stops all the way from Denmark and fill us in on their current “Let Rock Rule” Tour. Please join us to hear all the latest on Aerosmith and Tom.

We would like to thank Aaron Feterl form MSOPR for setting up the interview with Tom. For more info on the current “Let Rock Rule” tour including the show in Kitchener, Ontario on Sunday July 13, please go to: Aerosmith.