Josh Todd (Buckcherry) Interview

  Buckcherry is becoming known as a raunchy and fiery party band, whose lyrical content, comprised of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, has been touted since this band took to the air waves in the late 1990s. Buckcherry was once hailed as the band that will save rock and roll. Save? More like “give it a good kick in the ass and strut with a healthy swagger while doing so.” Josh Todd and long time partner Keith Nelson have pulled this band, once left for dead in 2003, back to its rightful place at the top of the rock world with the release of 15 (possibly the greatest release of the millennium, so far, by any hard rock act). Its leader, Josh Todd, pulls no punches with for an exclusive interview at Rock on the Range Festival on the Gibson tour bus. We talked about his sobriety and how he has stayed clean for so long, even though temptations are coming his way a lot while on tour. We also chatted about the big announcement, but Josh wouldnt give us the exact information on an upcoming tour. It has since been announced that Buckcherry will open for KISS this fall. Another subject was his displeasure with the record company’s handling of the public relations for its latest effort Black Butterfly. Lets get Ridin to this one..

  Editors note: We unfortunately had some audio difficulties but had to make the best out of the situation. Hope you enjoy!

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Part 2 would like to thank Brad Friess of 10thst. Entertainment for granting us time with Josh. We would also like to give an extra special thanks to Eileen Mercolino of Gibson for allowing to use her bus for this interview. Check out anything Gibson or Epiphone at