Rev Theory Interview

  One of the breakthrough bands of the past year has to be a band from New York City called Rev Theory. I originally sat down with all 5 members of the band and later found out our audio did not take. We had to gather up the guys again and minus guitarist Julien Jorgensen, we were able to conduct a part 2 interview. The guys couldn’t have been more accommodating and understanding of what happened and were gracious enough to do it again. The interview was conducted a day after their performance at the Rock on the Range Festival. So let’s put the pedal to the floor and see where Rev Theory takes us.

We would like to thank Mike Cubillos of Earshotmedia for helping set up the interview and a BIG THANK YOU to Eileen Mercolino for allowing us to use the Gibson bus to conduct this interview. You can check out all things Rev Theory at: and Gibson and Epiphone products at