Randy Jackson (Zebra) Interview

  Longtime Zebra frontman Randy Jackson was with Windborne Music performing the music of Led Zeppelin in Buffalo, NY, recently. Backstageaxxess.com sat down before his show and we talked about his involvement with Windborne music and how he originally got involved with this amazing experience. We also talked about the 35th anniversary of Zebra and how the band is planning on celebrating it. Randy was a pleasure to talk with and accommodating, so we didnt waste any time. Lets open that door and take a look inside Randy Jackson


We would like to the thank Don Wishon for setting up the interview and Kate Bodgan fromthe Buffalo Philharmonic for being so accommodating. For more information on Windborne Muisc, you can go to: http://www.themusicofledzeppelin.com/. For more information on the B.P.O., you can go to:http://www.bpo.org/