Ben Smith (Heart) Interview

  At, we know there are a lot of Heart fans out there and your repeated requests to interview the band have not gone unnoticed. As we are in the process of trying to schedule something with Ann and Nancy Wilson, what is the next best thing you may ask? Well, how about the longest tenured member Heart has ever had in drummer Ben Smith? Ben has been with Heart since 1994, and has provided us here at with a backbone look at one of America’s rock and roll institutions.
We talked about Ben’s side project National Broadcast, his drumming clinics, and the future Heart album that has already been started. Let’s see what this true Magic Man in the Heart camp had to say…


We would like to thank Ben for taking the time to talk to us at For more information on Ben Smith, please go to: For more information on Heart and their first ever upcoming Australian tour, please go to: